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Chapter 6 - The Invitation

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"Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and dine with him, and he with Me."


                                    Revelation 3:20

Whoever you are reading this, God loves you so much that He sent His Son to die on the cross for you, that you might have everlasting life. His love is not based on performance. Christ loves you so much that while you were yet a sinner, He died for you.  There is nothing you have done that He can't forgive.

God's love for you is unconditional and undeserved. He loves you in spite of your disobedience, your weakness, your sin and your selfishness. He loves you enough to provide a way to eternal life.  What does the middle cross represent?  It represents the ultimate sacrifice.  It represents the only man in human history to create a way to heaven with just two pieces of wood,...and He did it all for you.
Interviewer  - What was your intention in making this website?
Me - To help someone who isn't a Christian, become one.  To open people's eyes about what 
         was endured at Calvary, was more than 3 nails and a lot of blood.  It was an excruciating               payment of sins accompanied by asphyxiation, dehydration, hypovolemic shock the                           crown, the flagrum, the lance.....not so nice things that you won't hear about in church, yet                 were gifted to us by Him.  Roman crucifixion was a way to humiliate and prolong a                           person's death.  I think it gets overlooked  and brushed aside, and it shouldn't.
Interviewer  - What was your inspiration to make this website?
Me - I was bored one day.  It provides the possibility of reaching the unsaved or atheist, the                  sense that it gives me an opportunity to let them know why they need Christ in a visual way.              I think it will help people.   For instance, I am a visual learner,...I can read a book and                        remember 50% of it, a movie on that same book and remember 95% of it.  I think                  many are like that.
Interviewer  - You seem to have a problem with all of the religions of the world except Christianity.
Me - Yes I do.  Because they all lead people away from the truth, they all lead nowhere.  Religion
         is simply a man-made term used to separate beliefs into sub categories.  Christianity
         however, isn't a religious concept, it is a personal relationship that one has with another                     person (Jesus).  So basically there is a belief in Jesus Christ and a belief in "all other things".             And all other things are futile.  Acts 4:12 is the final statement on that.
Interviewer  - What about Scientology?
Me -  After careful analysis, I have found that Scientology is a gag-reflex-inducing, half-baked  
          concept of Thetan, where supposedly you are your own personal creator.  Frankly, Thetan
          sounds like a prescription drug for delusion.  Did Scientology die for your sins?
Interviewer  -  What if you are hacked by atheists or are shut down completely by ICANN for 
                       your overtly Christian content?
Me - Good luck.  I'm AES256 encrypted.  They would stand a better chance trying to summit 
         Mt. Everest naked.  Some things were thought of long before I made this website.  
Interviewer  - What about those who say "I haven't broken any of the 10 Commandments".
Me -  By saying that, you just broke the 9th Commandment.  "If we say we have no                                    sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.:  1 John 1:8   I am a sinner, you are
          a sinner & everyone you know is a sinner.  There is but One who is holy (sinless).
Interviewer  - I must say, you have some exquisite music on The Middle Cross, were you 
                      influenced by any specific artist?
Me - Not really,....grew up listening to David Meece, Petra, Keith Green, Stryper, Russ Taff,
         Randy Stonehill,....ya know 80's stuff.  Currently into more chill stuff though, ambient,  
         piano solos, acoustic guitar, that type of stuff.
Interviewer  - Why do people need Jesus, for what reason?
Me -  To cover their sins, to live forever with Jesus in a paradise that your mind can't                                    comprehend.  Jesus is a perfect person, & heaven is a perfect place, you can't have                            imperfect people living in a perfect place.  You need both to be equal, and His covering
          (if accepted), makes us perfect in His eyes.
Interviewer  -  Is your website functional on all platforms?
Me - Absolutely not.  themiddlecross was designed to be viewed on a 16:9 ratio screen.  It also                   uses tons of codec, FL audio files & is simply too graphics intensive.  Combined with                       the music, it is  simply too much for a phone or tablet to handle. It's 6GB, it just                                 won't work.  Everything on my pages should be moving, even the background.  It ONLY                   works on a computer.  
Interviewer  - Well thank you for your time,.....any final thoughts?
Me - Yes.  My hope is that each person can share this site with just 1 unsaved friend or family                   member.  Maybe they are receptive to it & maybe they aren't.  Remember, Jesus wasn't 
         accepted either,..he was rarely believed when telling people their ways were wrong and
         was mocked & made fun of for it even unto death, will be no different for us. 
         Thanks guys!
NEW DOVE_edited.png

Something to consider......if Jesus came back today, could you pick up the conversation where you left off,.....or would there be a conversation at all?



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